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PEM sub-specialty ARCP checklist

An ARCP checklist for PEM sub-specialty training year is available here: PEM SS ARCP checklist.

2015 PEM Sub-Specialty Training Days (2-3 July)

All PEM sub-specialty trainees are strongly encouraged to attend these two training days. 

The dates are 2-3rd July 2015 at the Royal Derby Education Centre.  The event is being organized by the RCPCH.  More information will be made available in March. 


Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Royal College Paediatrics and Child Health

Paediatric EM Curriculum –

Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine

The Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine – is a professional interest group for both EM and paediatric doctors at a cost of £20 per year. There are 2 conferences: the spring conference is usually part of the RCPCH annual conference and the autumn conference is usually part of the RCEM annual conference.


Advanced Paediatric Life Support courses - website

Children’s Advanced Trauma (CAT) Courses - (next course 25-26 June 2014)

Check the courses of interest page for details of other paediatric EM courses

Useful references

  • Davies F. Children in UK emergency departments. Arch. Dis. Child. 2008;93;194-195 DOWNLOAD
  • Babl FE et al. Advanced Training in Pediatric Emergency Medicine in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Annals Emerg Med 2005;45(3): 269-275 DOWNLOAD
  • Davies F. Can UK emergency departments serve our children better? Emerg. Med. J. 2007;24;689 DOWNLOAD

Other useful websites


E-learning for CT3/HST Paediatric Emergency Medicine (Updated Steve Fordham – Sept 2013)

RCEM Enlightenme (

Learning zone sessions
PMP1: Anaphylaxis (1)
PMP2: Apnoea, Stridor and Airway Obstruction (1)
PMP6: The Unconscious Child (1)

PAP10: Floppy Child (1)
PAP14: Neonatal Presentations (1)
PAP19: Sore Throat (1)
PAP20: Rashes in Children (2)
PAP8: ENT (2)
PAP9: Fever in all Age Groups (3)

Knowledge bank: CEMPedia section
Common Childhood Exanthems

Knowledge bank: eCTRs
A little bit rash? The use of dexamethasone in paediatric meningitis

Buckle fractures of the wrist - diagnose and discharge

Everyone else is splinting so why aren’t we? Buckle fracture of the paediatric wrist

Do Paediatric Early Warning Scores Save Lives?

Intranasal fentanyl for children in the Emergency Department

Is the topical wound anaesthetic LAT (lidocaine, adrenaline and tetracaine), a safe and effective alternative to lidocaine infiltration for wound closure in children?

Paediatric Intramuscular Ketamine Dissociative Sedation in the Emergency Department

The Irritable Hip ESR and CRP: Should we Bother?

The use of clinical algorithms in the emergency department management of the limping child

Knowledge bank: RCEM Guidelines
Ketamine Sedation of Children in Emergency Departments (Sept 2009)
Management of Pain in Children (May 2010)
Safeguarding Children (June 2009)
RCEM summary of NICE Guideline CG47 - Feverish illness in children
RCEM summary of NICE Guideline CG54 - Urinary tract infection in children
RCEM summary of NICE Guideline CG112 - Sedation in children and young people

Paediatric EM guidance (NHS Institute)

Spotting the sick child

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