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Trauma Care

NHS Clinical Advisory Group on Major Trauma Workforce (25th Mar 2011)

The Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) has published a national-level overview of the likely workforce pressure points in establishing Regional Trauma Networks (RTNs). It is intended to facilitate the successful foundation of RTNs over the next twelve months.


UK International Emergency Trauma Register (10th Jan 2011)

The UK International Emergency Trauma Register has been established by the Depts of Health and International Development to bring together surgeons, anaesthetists, emergency physicians/nurses and other supporting medical, nursing and paramedical personnel who are interested in responding to large scale emergencies overseas.

The register will help direct members towards appropriate training and will keep you updated of developments in the field.

The principle of the register is that it is inclusive and all those who have appropriate skills are welcome. As members gain in experience they will become more eligible for emergency deployment. When fully trained and experienced, members will be available at 24-48 hours notice to be deployed overseas for 2-3 weeks in response to a major international catastrophe. 


Revised operating framework - Regional Trauma Networks (20th Dec 2010)

Sir David Nicholson has launched the Operating Framework for the NHS in England 2011/12 setting out the key priorities for the NHS over the next year.

Please follow link to the document:

Page 43 (para 4.52) details commitments to the NHS on the establishment of Regional Trauma Networks. Please note that there is a typo at the end of the first sentence, which should read 2011/12 (rather than 2010/11). All regions should be moving trauma service provision into regional trauma network configurations in 2011/12.

Previous updates:

  • Major Trauma Networks: FAQs. A summary of developments in trauma networks prepared by the NW Regional Chair, Patrick Nee, for colleagues in the North West, which is of interest and relevance to all Fellows and Members (Sep 2009).