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These pages list a variety of web based resources that may be helpful in developing your research project. Many are cited in the supporting documents to this site. Web based resources are constantly changing and many new resources appear. Please let us know of any useful resources that you find. Please let us know if the links no longer work.

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Research Methods Knowledge Base - William M Trochim, Cornell University

This is a comprehensive web-based guide to research methods. The nearest thing to an on line textbook of this subject.

Other sources that may be useful include:

Databases - published research
Databases - research in progress
Research governance
Writing and submitting a paper
Academic career advice



Emergency Medicine Journal series

Everyday statistics - 1
Everyday statistics - 2
Statistical inference
Estimation - 1
Estimation - 2
Parametric comparison of two groups - 1
Parametric comparison of two groups - 2
Nonparametric comparison of two groups

University of Calgary Power Calculator


Databases - published research

MEDLINE - US National Library of Medicine

EMBASE - Excerpta Medica

Cochrane library


Databases - research in progress

NHS National Research Register
Current research of interest to the NHS
Current research of interest to the US National Institutes of Health



Department of Health Central Office for Research Ethics Committes (COREC)

MRC guidance on good research conduct (ethics)

National Research Ethics Service (NRES)


Research governance

Department of Health Research Governance Framework


Writing and submitting a paper

BMJ advice for authors

Other journals:


Academic Emergency Medicine

Annals of Emergency Medicine

Journal of Trauma

The Lancet


Academic career advice

Academic Careers Advice - Academy of Medical Sciences

BMJ jobs supplement-Which research degree?

Full-time research posts

Doing research

MRC research career opportunities

Wellcome Career Development Programmes


Funding information

Medical Research Council


Department of Health

Research and Development homepage

Research and Development funding in the NHS


UK funding schemes


NHS Health Technology Assessment Funding Programme

NHS Service Delivery and Organisation Funding Programme



The Lancet
New England Journal of Medicine
Emergency Medicine Journal
Annals of Emergency Medicine,156,0.html
Academic Emergency Medicine
Journal of Trauma
Postgraduate Medical Journal



Taught courses in research methods vary from one day courses providing an introduction to statistics or qualitative methods, to Masters degree courses in Health Services Research. These courses usually cover quantitative and qualitative design and analysis, health economics, epidemiology and statistics, systematic reviews and critical appraisal. They provide a good general grounding in research methods for anyone interested in pursuing an academic career.

Trent Institute

Based in Sheffield, Nottingham and Leicester, the Trent Institute runs a variety of half-day, one day and modular courses in research methods, statistics, health economics, and qualitative research. Also a two year, part time MSc in Health Services Research and Health Technology Assessment.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Masters courses in Epidemiology or Health Services/Systems Research. The Masters in Epidemiology is available by distance learning.

Bristol University Department of Social Medicine

Short courses (2 to 5 days) in research methods, statistics, health economics and qualitative research.

University College London

Research Methods for Health Professionals
is a one year course in quantitative and qualitative research methods aimed at junior doctors. The Masters in Health Services Research takes one year full-time or two years part-time.

The Nuffield Institute for Health

The MA in Health Service Studies (Research) is a one year full-time, or two years part-time, Masters course in health services research methods.



Research in Health Care. Crombie I K & Davies H T O. John Wiley and sons.
An excellent introduction to research methodology. Well worth reading before you commence any research project.

Clinical Epidemiology: A Basic Science for Clinical Medicine. Sackett D L, Haynes R B, Guyatt, G H & Tugwell P. Little, Brown and Company.
The 'bible' of evidence based medicine. A good way to ensure your research is favourably appraised is to understand critical appraisal before you start.

Epidemiology in Medicine. Hennekens CH, Buring JE. Little, Brown and Co.
Basic epidemiological principals lie behind a proper understanding of research methods. This is a good, readable book to remind/familiarize you with the key issues.

Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes. Drummond M F, O'Brien B, Stoddart G L & Torrance G W. Oxford Medical Publications.
Essential reading for anyone contemplating an economic evaluation. Also useful if you want to understand what health economists are talking about.

Randomised controlled trials. Jadad A. BMJ Books.
A very readable book covering the key issues that need to be considered by anyone undertaking, or wishing to understand, a randomised controlled trial.

Medical statistics: A Commonsense Approach. Campbell M J & Machin D. John Wiley and sons.
Statistics are sometimes seen as just a p value and a funny sounding test that gives credibility to your study. This book explains the many valuable ways that an understanding of statistics can improve the validity of your research.

Practical Statistics for Medical Research. Altman D G. Chapman & Hall.
A more detailed statistical text yet starting from an assumption of little statistical knowledge.

Statistics with Confidence. Altman D G, Machin D, Bryant T N & Gardner M J. BMJ Books.
Medical journals are encouraging researchers to move away from hypothesis testing, with p values, and towards estimation, with confidence intervals. This book provides the explanations and simplifies the process by including some idiot proof computer software.

Health Services Research Methods: A Guide to Best Practice. Black N, Brazier J, Fitzpatrick R & Reeves B (Eds.) BMJ Books.
An advanced text relating to recent advances in research methodology.

How to Write a Paper. Hall G M (Ed.). BMJ Books.
Written by a variety of authors who have published research or been involved in the editorial process. Even if you don't agree with what they say, you would be wise to take note if you want your research to be published.

Qualitative Research in Health Care. Mays N & Pope C. BMJ Books.
A concise introduction to qualitative research containing papers originally published in the BMJ. (See link from <qualitative research>)