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Mental Health

Learn about Liaison Psychiatry Services

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust have produced an excellent video explaining what liaison psychiatry does and how it benefits patients. Watch the video here:

Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat - Improving outcomes for people experiencing mental health crisis

On 18 February 2014 the Government published a joint statement about how public services should work together to respond to people who are in mental health crisis. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is a signatory to the concordat and welcomes and supports this commitment to work together to improve the system of care and support so people in a crisis because of a mental health condition are kept safe and helped to find the support they need, whatever the circumstances in which they need help and form whichever service they turn to first.

Find out more about the concordat here: Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat


Mental Health in Emergency Departments - A toolkit for improving care

Service provision for patients with mental health issues can be very challenging to resolve. Frequently ED and mental health are provided by discrete organisations, and offering a seamless service to the patient can seem impossible. Much of the commissioning structure for mental health is based around different geographical and logistical domains when compared to acute services. This often results in suboptimal or absent services to patients attending the ED with mental health needs.

The toolkit provides several resources that EDs can use to develop and improve the care provided to patients with mental health issues. Resources include guidelines, example assessment aids, example business cases and standards for EDs.


Download the toolkit



Support the NHS Change Day pledge that we can all get through distress & suicidal thoughts: