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Current Audits

2014/15 CEM national clinical audits

    Registration is now open for the 2014/15 clinical audits. Information regarding the aims, methodology, criteria and data collection period for each audit can be found by clicking on the links below. Please note this information is subject to change following the pilot audits and is provided for initial planning purposes. Final versions will be released shortly before the data collection goes live:


    How to register

    Only Acute Trusts/Health Boards in the UK or Ireland that operate Type 1 Emergency Departments are eligible to participate in CEM audits. To register, either the clinical lead for audits in your Emergency Department or your organisations's audit/governance team manager should complete the following:

    Once registered EDs will be sent details on how to access the online data collection system ( Users that registered for 2013/14 audits will retain their previous usernames and passwords (note - access to 2014/15 audits will be dependent on receiving the registration form).

    2013/14 CEM national clinical audits

    Report publication:

    Due to the extension of the data collection period to allow more EDs to complete the audit the reports for all CEM 2013/14 audits will be published later than originally intended. Analysis of the data is ongoing at present and a date for final publication has yet to be confirmed. At present we expect the reports will be published in August/September.

    External Audits

    Urgent and Emergency Care Clinical Audit Toolkit

    A learning tool to support the quality of urgent and emergency care services for patients has being launched on 30th March 2011 by the Royal College of General Practitioners. Go to the Audit Guidance page for more information and to download the toolkit.

    NCAPOP and Audit Resources

    The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) manages and develops the National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP). In addition HQIP is developing guidance and resources to assist local clinical audit programmes.


    Audit contacts

    It is important for the College to maintain contact details for Consultants and administrators responsible for audit in their Departments in order to keep them informed of audit developments. Please notify the College administrator of any changes to your contact details (see details below).



    Should you have any questions please e-mail or phone 020 7067 1269.



    Your Department’s audit data will be compared against previous and national results. Reports for 2012/13 were e-mailed to EDs in May 2013.


    Previous audit results